11_ConferenceWelcome to Bethel Toastmasters

Toastmasters is a great way to spend an entertaining evening learning to improve communication skills, develop leadership skills, and have fun.

Please visit our meetings – 1st & 3rd Mondays of each month.

Due to the current environment, we will be meeting virtually via Zoom for all upcoming meetings.  Please check our Facebook page for the latest information to register for our next meeting. Bethel Toastmasters Facebook

For more information call us at 475-529-0242 or email us at

Why Join Us?

Bethel Toastmasters gives you an opportunity to not only learn, but to also put what you learn about speaking and leadership into practice in a risk-free, fun environment.

Speaking Opportunities

You will have as many chances as you’d like to engage in speaking activities.  Every meeting includes a Table Topics session in which you can give a one- to two-minute, off-the-cuff speech about something you know.  Sound hard?  To a new member of Bethel Toastmasters, two minutes to stand in front of the room and speak intelligently may sound like an eternity.  But it doesn’t take long to be comfortable taking a turn at Table Topics because the audience is made up of other club members—friends who have the same goals as you do and are truly interested in helping other members grow in speaking and leadership ability.

Each meeting also includes prepared speeches.  When members are ready, they sign up ahead of time and follow project guidelines to create a 5-9 or so minute speech on a topic they choose.  Once again, these speeches are made in a comfortable and familiar environment where the only stakes are self-improvement—a risk free “laboratory” to practice all of the project guidelines as well as previously gathered ideas and feedback from others who are also working to become better speakers.

Leadership Opportunities

Bethel Toastmasters provides many chances to learn and practice leadership skills such as team management and motivation, project management, time management, and listening.  Even new members can help easily find a “place” at Bethel Toastmasters and make a contribution to the success of the meeting and to help other members become better speakers.

Practical Education and Experience You Can Use

Bethel Toastmasters gives you the confidence you need to apply the skills you’ve learned to real-world situations.  Whether you need a boost at work or in volunteer activities or you just want to be taken more seriously in casual conversation, putting speaking, listening, and leadership skills to work will help you achieve your goals.  Be our guest at a Bethel Toastmasters meeting.  There is absolutely no obligation—come join us for one or even several meetings to see if Bethel Toastmasters is for you.  We think you’ll be glad you did.